Get Involved

How can you get involved?

Light into Europe is completely funded by your generosity and donations. We receive no government financial support towards our programmes. If you want to do more than just donate, there are ways you can help us get closer to more Blind and Deaf Romanian People.

As an individual

There are 3 ways you can get involved:

Guide Dog
Puppy raiser
Could you look after a future Guide Dog puppy? You will raise a puppy from 8 weeks old to around 1yr 4 months, helping them to become a confident, healthy obedient dog ready for the challenge of training to be a working Guide Dog?
Ideally suited for: Someone that stays/works at home, has time to care, train & socialise the puppy in different environments & not leave the puppy alone for long periods of time (over 3 hours).
Temporary Boarder
Could you look after a Guide Dog in training, giving them a safe, loving home at evenings and weekends during their training? Weekdays (Monday - Friday) you will drop your dog off (8-10am) and collect them (4-5:30pm) from our 'school' in Bucurestii Noi, Sector 1
Ideally suited for: Someone that lives/works around Bucurestii Noi area (location of our training centre). Someone who is interested in having a dog but works during the daytime. Needs to be a driver.
Guide Dog
Guide Dog
Breeding Dog volunteer
Could you look after one of our gorgeous breeding dogs? We keep the best dogs to produce future generations of guide dogs & are looking for volunteers who can take responsibility for hosting a 'broodie', providing a stable home for her and when the time comes her puppies in their first 8 weeks of life when they need watching almost 24/7!
Ideally suited for: Someone that has a flexible working schedule so the dog can live with you, but you can dedicate the intensive time for the weeks following the birth of the puppies.

As a Company

As a company you can help in different ways, like:

Let's talk

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