Guide Dogs belong everywhere: It’s the Law!

Light Into Europe

We are so grateful and happy of what we experienced today in the Romanian Parliament-the modification of law 448/2006 about the full access of guide dogs to every space of daily life, this new legislation opens the door to better guide dog and service dog services , bringing significant fines in case of rejection and improving accessibility to public spaces and strengthening public safety. Thank you senator Silvia Dinica and Deputy Oana Toiu – USR for work so passionately to bring light and hope in our communities.

In our Inclusion Calendar, April is an extra-special celebration- the International Guide Dog Day, on the last Wednesday of April, is dedicated to recognising the paw-some 🙂 role that guide dogs play in the lives of visually impaired people. These highly trained companions provide increased mobility, independence, and confidence to their Blind partners as they navigate the world.

We are so thankful to our team of specialists, very dedicated volunteers and visionary sponsors- together they shine light on the vital contributions of these animals and their life-changing impact. 

Check out the full press conference from Parliament here: