Light Into Europe

What & Where?
Intercontinental Athenee Palace Hotel Le Diplomate Ballroom
31 May- 2 June
Dialogue for Change

What is MUN?
Model UN simulations engage hundreds of thousands of students each year, helping them to learn more about the principles of the UN and how it functions. Many of today’s leaders in law, government, business and the arts – including at the UN itself – participated in Model UN as students.
Mission Statement
We believe in a future where people with all abilities enjoy the same rights, opportunities and liberties. MUN4ALL will empower more young people, from Romania and beyond, to take responsibility, engage in public debates and promote inclusion, peace and development with a lasting impact on all.
“You are here to step into the shoes of UN ambassadors — to draft resolutions, to plot strategy, to negotiate with your allies as well as your adversaries. Your goal may be to resolve a conflict, to cope with a natural disaster or to bring nations together on an issue like climate change. You may be playing a role, but you are also preparing for life. You are acting as global citizens.“
Ban Ki Moon, Former UN Secretary General

The Idea Behind Model United Nations
• Allowing a young person to step into the shoes of a world leader for a weekend-it’s a life-changing learning experience.
• Understanding different countries, cultures, and perspectives; studying the world’s biggest problems and solutions; building lifelong skills in critical thinking, communication, and collaboration; gaining experience as mentors, managers, and leaders.

What Makes Us Different?
We are the worlds first MUN conference to provide an inclusive and accessible environment for disabled people and to support their journeys in and through MUN
True to our identity, we are open to international delegates from schools around the world, providing them with an enriching experience of Romania’s MUN culture and history.
Social Cohesion
We foster social understanding, strengthening relationships and promoting equity and cultural empathy in our communities.
We hope to make the conference as sustainable as possible, following several UN Sustainable Development Goals* and following the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ standards.

Our Mission
Ending social stigma regarding people with disabilities.
By bringing together MUNers with and without disabilities, in a debate-oriented, comfortable and equitable environment, we will be able to combat this issue.
Providing an inclusive and accessible environment in MUN.
MUN in its present state is a non-inclusive environment. We wish to change this, and to open the opportunity for diplomacy and debate to students of all abilities.
Expanding the influence of Romanian MUNs.
Building the MUN culture within the community of people with disabilities in Romania and international delegates by providing a common platform to voice out their solutions.

World Health Organisation (WHO) – Discussing the Ethics of the Modern Psychiatric Industry
Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD) – Addressing the Rights of Women and Children with Disabilities
Social, Cultural & Humanitarian (SOCHUM) – Ensuring Safe Environments for Children prone to Violence and Discrimination
Economic and Social (ECOSOC) – Vulnerable Groups: The Potential for Economic Development
Security Council (UNSC) – Analyzing the Complex Dynamics and Global Implications of the Libyan Conflict
Economic and Financial (ECOFIN) – Addressing the housing crisis, especially considering the role of investors.
CRISIS – The Age of Enlightenment
Each with up to 30 members, and unique topics, our committees will be the heart of our conference, where delegates will spend their time debating, working and collaborating towards a better future.
The CRPD committee is one which has never been done before at an MUN, and it is with utmost honour to be the first conference representing it!

A group of motivated and enthusiastic Romanian and international students with a variety of interests and backgrounds make up our secretariat and chairs, including:
• 150+ participants
• 30 delegates with disabilities
• 7 committees

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